Monument to the Sailor’s Wife

Monument to the Seaman's Wife, Odessa, Ukraine
Monument to the Seaman’s Wife, Odessa, Ukraine

History of the creation of the Monument to the Sailor’s Wife

The monument was erected in 2002 at the Marine Station of the city of Odessa. It was created by the talented sculptor Alexander Tokarev. And the opening of the monument took place during the celebration of the City Day, which takes place on September 2.

A professional ballerina posed for the monument to Alexander Tokarev – due to this, the image of a woman on the sculpture turned out to be so graceful and touching. I just want to console and support the bored mother and child.

Ships in the background
Ships in the background

Symbol of Odessa

It is interesting that for everyone, the monument symbolizes something different: for the elderly, it symbolizes a family that is waiting for a father during the Second World War, and for young people, it is just a monument to a woman with a child, eagerly awaiting the head of the family.

The monument to the sailor’s wife is significant for all Odessans: almost every family has or has had a man-sailor. This is true both for young girls who are waiting for their boys from the flight, and for adult women. Odessans never cease to miss their sea heroes, family earners.

The figures are made a little more than human growth, they make wonderful photographs.

Monument to the Sailor's Wife in the evening
Monument in the evening

How to get there

The monument to the sailor’s wife is located at the Marine Station, which is located in the very center of Odessa, on Primorskaya Street, 6. You can get there from almost anywhere in the city, the stop is located near the Potemkin Stairs. You can visit the monument at any time, the visit is free.

Monument to the Sailor's Wife and view of the hotel
Monument and view of the hotel
Sea view
Sea view