Monument to the plumber in Berdyansk

Monument to the plumber in Berdyansk, Ukraine
Monument to the plumber in Berdyansk, Ukraine

Thirty meters from the “Chair of Wish Fulfillment” in Berdyansk, at the turn from Primorskaya Square to the department store, there is another amazing monument to the Plumber. Quite an interesting performance! The figure of a plumber of Uncle Vasya, or Uncle Misha, or whatever you like, is made in a very original way.

A man with a wrench climbing out of a manhole. Tired, worn-out hands, a kind of absent look, and the heavy cover of the sewer manhole half pressing down on the figure of a man, emphasizes the severity of this profession. Some passers-by, many of whom are visitors, are in a hurry to help in a friendly way, to distract from this detachment, they stick a cigarette right into their lips and give Mikhalych a light.

The Plumber Monument in Berdyansk is much more realistic than its variations in other cities. It was just such a knitted sweater and a leather jacket that was given out not so long ago to plumbers-pipelines to protect them from poisonous fumes from the sewer. And on the hatch cover, instead of the usual anniversary inscriptions. The emblem of Yuzhgidromash, the Berdyansk pumping equipment manufacturer, flaunts.

I would like to note that sending a man alone into the main well, filled with possibly poisonous fumes, is a gross violation of safety precautions!