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Disappeared profession monuments

Disappeared profession monuments. Monument to Water Carrier

Water Carrier. Disappeared profession monuments

Disappeared profession monuments

Well, who would have thought in the 19th century that such necessary and important professions as a water carrier, a chimney sweep and a lamplighter would have disappeared? And could anyone even think there would be such fantastic professions as a programmer, bio-engineer and an absolutely incredible profession of panda hugger? And what a great idea – to keep the memory of the disappeared professions in the form of beautiful monuments! Among such disappeared profession monuments are – the Monument to Water Carrier, Monument to Lamplighter, Monument to Chimneysweep. The list is incomplete, as, according to scientists and futurists, due to technological advances, in the nearest future will disappear such professions as Mail carrier, Fisher, Flight attendant, Floral designer, Travel agent, Farmer, Librarian, Teacher and more….

Disappeared profession monuments. Monument to Water carrier. Kolomna, Russia. Sculptor Anton Yakushin

Kolomna, Russia. Sculptor Anton Yakushin. Water carrier. Disappeared profession monuments

Water carrier
Until the middle of the XIX century St. Petersburg did not have a centralized water supply system. The water for the needs of the population was delivered in barrels by trucks. And the color of the barrel could determine water purity. The white barrels carried water from the Neva, and as it was clear at the time, it was used for drinking. The water of the channels brought in the yellow and green barrels was for domestic needs. The monument Location: Shpalernaya Street, 56, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Monument to the lamplighter

Lamplighter Monument

Monument to Lamplighter
“After all, if the stars are lit, it means there’s someone who needs it”. In honor of the people who every night, “lit the stars” on the streets of St. Petersburg, a monument where appeared the first electric lamps. Tired lamplighter of iron sitting on paving fence with a long ladder and a rope in his hands was designed by sculptors B. Sergeyev and O. Pankratova. The monument is located Odesskaya street, 1, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Monument to Chimneysweep

Mukachevo, Russia. Monument to Chimneysweep

Monument to Chimneysweep
To see a chimneysweep is a good sign, as the urban legend tells. However, it is necessary to greet him in a special way. How exactly – legends are silent. Someone says, that it is enough to smile at him. And others advise to touch his button. Grimy, but cheerful person with brush and rope in hand, climbs the staircase at the Great Moscow. This monument was erected exactly for good luck to everyone in St. Petersburg, who can now look at the chimney-sweep and make a wish. The monument is located at Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, 1.

Disappeared profession monuments