Monument to a homeless dog Sympathy

Monument to a homeless dog Sympathy
Monument to a homeless dog Sympathy

Monument to a homeless dog Sympathy Manufactured in 2004. Installed on the night of February 15-16, 2007.

The dog, a black and yellow mongrel the size of a large shepherd, was a “relatively stray” dog. He was regularly fed by the merchants of stalls and other inhabitants of the underpass, in which he lived for more than a year.

History of the Monument to a homeless dog Sympathy

The dog killer, 22-year-old fashion model Yuliana Romanova, stabbed a dog named Boy, which is guarded by metro workers. The model walked down the hallway with her Staffordshire Terrier. Seeing the sleeping Boy, for unknown reasons, she first tried to set her pet on a tramp, but he did not show any interest in this activity. Then Juliana took a kitchen knife from her backpack and stabbed the dog six times in the chest, back and groin. Only sellers who arrived on time were able to stop her, but it was not possible to save the stray dog.

This murder received widespread publicity. At first, they tried to hush up the scandal, but in the end the case still went to court. Romanova was convicted under three articles of the Criminal Code, but doctors determined that she had a paranoid form of schizophrenia. As a result, according to the decision of the Tverskoy district court, the girl was placed in the Pskov psychiatric hospital.

After the incident, a group of folk artists appealed to the metro authorities with a request to support the idea of ​​creating a memorial sign to symbolize a protest against cruelty to all living things.


The public’s efforts resulted in a memorable sign “Sympathy” – a charitable work of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, sculptor Alexander Tsigal, animal painter Sergei Tsigal and architect Andrey Nalich. The monument was cast in the studio of the sculptor Eugene Lanceray.

The monument continues to attract the attention of ordinary citizens. It is specially attended not only from different parts of Moscow, Russia, but also from all over the world. Bouquets of fresh flowers never fade on the pedestal.