Monument Worker-Inventor

Monument Worker - Inventor on Moscow Square
Monument Worker-Inventor on Moscow Square

In the capital, on the square of the Krestyanskaya Zastava, there is a Monument Worker-Inventor that at first glance is practically no different from many other sculptural compositions installed during the era of the formation of the Soviet Union.

The Monument Worker-Inventor was erected on the square many decades ago (1925). It does not particularly attract the attention of people passing by or passing by. There is a tall sculpture on a pedestal made of stone, which conveys the image of the most ordinary, unknown Soviet hard worker, who is no different from many thousands of other workers in workshops and factories. A casually tied apron, a permanent cap on his head, an expression of complete immersion in the work process, frozen on a stone face. But there is a zest in this monument that makes you stop for a minute and take a closer look at the “working inventor” …

Even in spite of the obvious fact that a new, just made detail is clamped in the hands of the worker, you suddenly begin to realize that on the streets of Moscow literally at every step you can meet people frozen in just such a pose. An analogy is immediately drawn – in the stone hands of a hard worker, most likely, a mobile phone with an antenna, to which an important sms were received. Although this is just a free interpretation of the monument to the Soviet worker in modern realities, there is no reason to pay attention to it!