Monument Bird of Happiness

Monument Bird of Happiness
Monument Bird of Happiness in Moscow

Moscow, which is rich in all sorts of interesting sights, also has one interesting sculptural composition, an integral element of which has become a forged dove. The monument received a very eloquent name – “The Bird of Happiness”.

It is rather difficult to overestimate what a huge role birds play in our life. Monuments to these feathered creatures can be found in many cities of our vast homeland. Among them, the most popular are sculptures made in the shape of a dove. After all, as we all know, the dove has been considered a universally recognized symbol of peace from time immemorial.

The installation of the monument took place in the spring of 2001. The sculpture was unveiled in Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky Lane, just opposite the entrance to the capital’s choral synagogue. The composition, made by the hands of the sculptor I. Burganov, is a huge human palm, from which a dove flies into the heavenly heights.

According to the author’s idea, this monument should symbolize as well as possible the strong bonds of friendship between people of different nationalities and religions. The composition is complemented by a white figured arch. Its vault is decorated with the Star of David.