World’s first Monument to the courier unveiled in Moscow

Monument to couriers. Moscow. Kholodilny lane, house 3.
Monument to couriers. Moscow. Kholodilny lane, house 3.

Dodo Pizza, Ozon and Delivery Club erected a monument to a courier in Moscow

So Russian companies decided to express their gratitude to couriers and delivery service employees who “worked selflessly during the self-isolation regime.”

The art object appeared on the territory of the “Association of Ryabovskaya Manufactory” in Kholodilny Lane.
The author of the monument is production designer Alexei Garikovich, who creates creative works for FMCG brands. An art object about 3 meters high is made of metal and concrete. On a commemorative plaque, the creators wrote: “To those who made self-isolation possible.”

To those who made self-isolation possible...
To those who made self-isolation possible…

The self-isolation regime introduced due to the situation with the coronavirus has been in effect in Moscow since March 29. Many shops, cafes, gyms and other facilities were closed, parks were inaccessible for walking, and a pass regime was introduced for residents. The phased lifting of restrictions began in the Russian capital on June 9.

Monument to couriers. Moscow.
Monument to the courier. Moscow.

According to Reuters, more than 60,000 couriers worked in Moscow during the self-isolation regime. Due to the current restrictions, the demand for delivery services has increased several times., which is part of the X5 Retail Group, told the publication that it received four times as many orders in May as it did in the same period a year earlier. The online store Ozon noted that in April the volume of purchases increased by 200%.