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Russian artist Vasily Polenov monument

Russian artist Vasily Polenov monument

October, 2017. The “Dubrava” park of Klimovsk (urban district of Podolsk). Work by sculptor Alexander Rozhnikov. Russian artist Vasily Polenov monument

Russian artist Vasily Polenov monument

In the “Dubrava” park of Klimovsk appeared a monument to outstanding Russian painter Vasily Polenov. On the sculptural composition worked a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of Russia, sculptor Alexander Rozhnikov. The sculptural composition, made of bronze, is a figure of the artist and a frame mounted on an easel. Besides, the author of the monument attached a tablet to the frame with the name of the work “Klimovsk. Oak trees. 2017”. The landscape behind the frame will change constantly, together with the seasons and people who visit this part of the park. A cloth thrown on the frame, as if opening a new masterpiece of fine art. In addition, two more sculptures decorate the composition – a small dog at the feet of Vasily Polenov, and a cat.
Less than a week has passed since the opening of the sculpture, however among the people have already appeared a legend – to make money, you need to rub the cat’s right ear.

Vasily Polenov monument

Vasily Polenov (1 June 1844 – 18 July 1927) monument

Noteworthy, Vasily Polenov, who glorified Russia at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, has created a lot of beautiful works. Among them – “Moscow yard”, “Grandma’s garden”, “Overgrown pond”, “Christ and the Sinner”, “Golden Autumn”. Today they decorate the largest museums of Russia, including the Tretyakov Gallery.

In the late 1890s the Podolsk land became a special place in the life of the Polenov family. Here the artist lived both happy years and tragic events related to the loss of his first son. It is important that in the Podolsky land Polenov lived, worked and at the end of his life recalled these places with great gratitude. That’s why appeared the idea to create a monument to the artist on the Podolsky land, not far from the station where he was on his way to Menshovo.

In addition, the Uvarovsky district of the Tambov region immortalized the memory of the artist Vasily Polenov. A marble monument adorns the saying of the painter: “It seems to me that art should give happiness and joy, otherwise it costs nothing …”.

Russian artist Vasily Polenov monument

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