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Monuments dedicated to books and reading

Monuments dedicated to books and reading. A girl with a book. Taganrog, 2010

A girl with a book. In January 2010 at the Taganrog library appeared a bronze monument ‘The Young Reader’ by sculptor Dmitry Lyndin. (to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Chekhov). Monuments dedicated to books and reading

Monuments dedicated to books and reading
Books share with us the experience and knowledge of previous generations, demanding nothing in return, except careful treatment. Undoubtedly, beading books makes us smarter, more literate and more intelligent. Indeed, the book makes a person think, broadens his horizons. Moreover, the book can help cope with the so-called computer and game addiction. Books can captivate with the colorful and mysterious world of adventure, fantasy, and novels. But the main thing, it enriches our spiritual world. Accordingly, Man, in gratitude to the book, dedicates monument to it. So, the monuments dedicated to books and reading, are found all over the world. In particular, in Russia there are several such monuments.

Books. Monument in Kogalym, Russia. 2001

Books. Monument in Kogalym, Russia. 2001

Books in the red cover

From the paradise of children’s life
You are sending to me a farewell greeting,
Unchanged friends
In a shabby, red cover.

As soon as I have done my homework,
I used to run to you at once.
“It’s too late!” – said Mom. Ten lines! ..-
And, fortunately, my mom forgot.

The lights are shaking on the chandeliers …
It’s good to have a book at home!
Under Grieg, Schumann and Cui
I learned the fate of Tom.

It’s getting dark … It’s fresh in the air …
Tom in happiness with Becky full of faith.
Here’s the torch of the Indian Joe
Wanders in the dusk of a cave …

Cemetery … A prophetic scream of an owl …
(I am scared!) Here flies through hummocks
Adopted by a prudish widow,
Like Diogenes living in a barrel.

Lighter than the sun, the throne room,
Above the slender boy is the crown …
Suddenly – a beggar! God! He said:
“Let me be the heir to the throne!”

He went into the darkness, who in it arose,
Sad fates of Britain …
– Oh, why among the red books
Again not to fall asleep under the lamp?

Oh, golden times.
Where the eye is bold and the heart is purer!
Oh, the golden names:
Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Prince and the Beggar!

Marina Tsvetayeva, Russian poet

(translation E. Borzenko)

Monuments dedicated to books and reading

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