Monument to Korcanitsa

Monument to Korchanitsa 1979.
Monument to Korchanitsa 1979.

Creation time – 1979

Written by Lubomir Denkovic, Molivan Matovic and Savo Subotin

Location – Mount Grmech, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dimensions and materials – 15 m in height. white marble

What is the Korcanitsa Monument dedicated to?

The memorial building on Mount Grmech commemorates the employees of the largest secret partisan hospital that operated during World War II.

Monument to Korchanitsa side view.
Monument to Korchanitsa side view.

History of creation

In 1975, SUBNOR, together with local and regional authorities, organized a competition in which, out of 13 submitted proposals, the jury chose the concept of the famous Slovak sculptor Lubomir Denković.

The monument was opened in 1979. At present, it is overgrown and in a state of extreme desolation, abandoned and forgotten in every respect.


The Monument to Korcanitsa consists of two hemispherical marble walls approximately 15 meters high. A large round pool was dug in front of him, which was supposed to serve as a mirror. There was a network of paths in the forest, around which small concrete structures reminded of the location of the former hospital buildings.

The shape of the memorial complex is similar to a flower bud opening over the pool that feeds it and symbolizes the birth of life from the victims of those who fought and died in these places.