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Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument in Samara

Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument in Samara

Russian actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky as Yuri Detochkin in “Beware of the car!”, 1966 comedy film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. Sculptor Ivan Melnikov. Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument in Samara

Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument in Samara

First of all, it is a monument to the outstanding Russian actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky. Here he is in the role of Yuri Detochkin, main character of the Soviet movie directed by Eldar Ryazanov “Beware of the Car” (1966). The monument decorates Komsomolskaya Square near Samara Railway Station. In addition, the monument commemorates the 85th anniversary of Eldar Ryazanov, native of Samara (November 18, 1927- 30 November 2015). They say, it was Yuri Nikulin, who gave an idea for the new film to Eldar Ryazanov. In 1960s, Nikulin learned the story about the Soviet Robin Hood from Samara tour. In short, the man stole cars of corrupt and dishonest people, and sent money to children orphan houses.
Meanwhile, the bronze sculpture has height of 2.2 meters and weighs 470 kg. According to the film, Yuri Detochkin is an insurance agent by profession, actor of amateur theater by interest, and car thief by duty. And the sculpture shows the final scene of the film. Released from a jail, Detochkin stands in front of a trolley-bus, where his beloved is a driver; and in a welcoming hand gesture, and with a smile, he says “Hello, Lyuba, I’m back!”.

Yuri Detochkin monument installed in Samara, where the film director Eldar Ryazanov was born

The monument installed in Samara, hometown of director Eldar Ryazanov. Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument in Samara

By the way, one of the instigators of the project was Dmitry Muratov, the editor of “Novaya Gazeta”, and its chief artist Pyotr Sarukhanov drew a sketch of a future composition. However, the author of bronze sculpture became a member of the Artists Union of Russia, Ivan Melnikov. According to the sculptor, he tried to portray the inner state of a man, who preserved good in his heart, despite all passed tests. The monument was created in the extra-budgetary funds.

Meanwhile, the place for the installation of the sculpture is quite appropriate – the area near the railway station, well seen for both – the citizens of Samara and visitors to the city. Besides, the director of the film, Eldar Ryazanov himself approved the place for monument.

Finally, November 9, 2012, at the presence of two hundred people, took place a solemn ceremony of opening the monument. Among the guests, alongside with the local authorities, were Eldar Ryazanov with his wife. In addition, on the big screen was shown video greeting from actress Olga Aroseva. The very same “Lyuba”, bride of Yuri Detochkin, to whom he returned from prison.

Interestingly, the image of Yuri Detochkin as the insurance agent, appeared also in Donetsk. They say if you rub the buckle on his portfolio, you can get the “blessing” in cooperation with the financial institution.

Car thief Yuri Detochkin monument