Sculpture Mother’s Sorrow in Volgograd

Sculpture Mother's Sorrow in Volgograd
Sculpture Mother’s Sorrow in Volgograd

The sculpture “Mother’s Sorrow” is located on Sorrow Square in Volgograd, next to the exit from the Hall of Military Glory, in a circular pool called the “Lake of Tears”. If you climb Mamayev Kurgan from the foot to the top, then this is the last element of the ensemble in front of the “Motherland Calls!” Monument.

The sculpture “Mother’s Sorrow” can be approached along the path made of slabs, which is laid out right in the pool in order to take a photo and lay flowers. On Victory Day, there are always mountains of lilacs and tulips.

Mother’s Sorrow. History

The sculpture “Mother’s Sorrow” in Volgograd was cast according to the same principle as the monument “Motherland Calls!” Working models were scaled, plaster molds were made from the templates and filled with concrete.

The author of the sculpture is Evgeny Vuchetich. It was opened, like all other elements of the monument-ensemble, on October 15, 1967.

Interesting Facts

The original design of this sculpture was different. Evgeny Vuchetich wanted to portray a deceased warrior so that his face could be seen. But then, as in the case of the Motherland-Mother, he changed his mind.

A soldier without a face gave abstractness to this sculptural composition. A woman can hold a husband, a brother, or a child – any close person whom the war took away from her.

Sculpture Mother's Sorrow at night
Sculpture at night

What to see

Looking at the sculpture “Mother’s Sorrow” in Volgograd, it is easy to guess what the monumentalist wanted to portray. A woman grieves, holding a soldier in her arms, she mourns a loved one who died in the war. It contains the pain of millions of women who have suffered the same fate.

If you have reached the sculpture “Mother’s Sorrow”, then you have already seen all the memorials on the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd. Now you can relax by walking through the park. Go up the stairs to the left, focusing on the temple. Here you will see and feed the squirrels.