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Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg

Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg
Installed in 2011 Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg. The author of the whole complex is a well-known sculptor Alexander Taratynov

Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg has become a tribute to the great architects for their contribution to the city. Indeed, their role in the development of architecture of the northern capital of Russia is great. The sculptural composition now decorates the Alexander Park of St. Petersburg. It depicts eight most famous architects: Voronikhin, Bazhenov, Auguste de Montferrand, Trezzini, Thomas de Thomon, Rossi, Rastrelli and Zakharov. The intention of the author brought them to the map of the city, and placed around their creations in miniature: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Stock Exchange with Rostral columns and the Admiralty. By the way, one of the chairs is free. So, any visitor can sit down and symbolically participate in the discussion of the city plan. They say, that it helps those who do not have enough inspiration for creativity.

Fragment of sculptural composition 'Architects'
Fragment of sculptural composition ‘Architects’

Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg
Who is who in Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg

Eight famous architects monument in St. Petersburg

Andreyan Zakharov painted by Stepan Shchukin (1754–1828)
Andreyan Zakharov (19 August 1761 – 8 September 1811) painted by Stepan Shchukin (1754–1828). Russian architect and representative of the Empire style. His designs also alternated neoclassicism with eclecticism. His greatest work was his renovation and expansion of the Admiralty building. In addition, he constructed several buildings in Gatchina and other towns neighboring Saint Petersburg
Portrait of Andrey Voronikhin. Engraving by V. A. Bobrov
Andrey Voronikhin, engraving by V. A. Bobrov. Andrey Nikiforovich Voronikhin (28 October 1759 — 21 February 1814) – Russian architect and painter. One of the founders of the monumental Russian Empire style. Born a serf of the Stroganov family, he is best known for his work on Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg
Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov by I. Nekrasov
Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov by I. Nekrasov. Vasily Ivanovich Bazhenov (March 12, 1737 or 1738 – August 13, 1799) – Russian neoclassical architect, graphic artist, architectural theorist and educator. One of the leading local architects of the Russian Enlightenment, a period dominated by foreign architects. In the 1770s he became the first Russian architect to create a national architectural language
Auguste de Montferrand
Auguste de Montferrand (January 23, 1786 – July 10, 1858) – French Neoclassical architect who worked primarily in Russia
Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli
Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli (1700 in Paris – 29 April 1771, Saint Petersburg) – French-born Russian architect of Italian descent. He developed an easily recognizable style of Late Baroque. His major works include the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo
Jean-François Thomas de Thomon
Jean-François Thomas de Thomon (April 12, 1760 – September 4, 1813) – French neoclassical architect who worked in Russia in 1791–1813. Author of Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns and the first building of the Odessa Theatre, destroyed by fire in 1873. Contributed to the formation of Russian national variant of neoclassicism
Carlo di Giovanni Rossi
Carlo di Giovanni Rossi (18 December 1775 – 18 April 1849) – Italian architect based in Russia. Author of many classical buildings and architectural ensembles in Saint Petersburg and its environments
Fragment of sculptural composition 'Architects'
Fragment of sculptural composition ‘Architects’
Domenico Trezzini (c. 1670 – 1734)
Domenico Trezzini (c. 1670 – 1734) – Swiss Italian architect who elaborated the Petrine Baroque style of Russian architecture. His most notable work – the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg