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The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments

Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia. The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments. Photo - Ramil Farrakhov

Sculptural composition located in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia. Photo by Ramil Farrakhov. The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments

The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments
Undoubtedly, every child knows a classic Russian fairy tale, written by Alexey Tolstoy “Repka” (Turnip). An old man plants a turnip seed that grows into a turnip of enormous size. He can’t pull the vegetable from the ground, because it’s too big. So, his wife tries to help him. Next, their grandchildren come. To pull the turnip from the ground, even the farm animals – a dog, a cat, one by one, come to help. Finally, the most unexpected creature – a little mouse enables them to pull the turnip from the ground. The moral of the story is that a collective labor and a united family, where every member is important, can do anything.
Also, the Fairy tale points to the interrelations of generations. Besides, it points to the interaction of temporal structures, life forms and forms of existence. And Turnip unites the earthly, underground and aboveground – three forms of life, three structures.

Gomel, Belarus

Pulling giant turnip, a family of grandad, grandma, a granddaughter, a grandson, a dog, a cat and a little mouse. Monument in the city of Gomel, Belarus

The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments

Noteworthy, in the tale, there are seven main characters, and two characters – father and mother are absent. Why?
First of all, in Christianity, 7 is the sacred number. Secondly, protection and support, instead of father and mother, is the Church, and love and care are Christ. Father and mother only give birth, that’s all!

Meaning of characters.

1. Grandfather – wisdom (the eldest, he planted and raised a turnip, not for himself, but for his heirs).
2. Granny – traditions, economy.
3. Father – protection and support.
4. Mother – love and care.
5. Granddaughter – offspring.
6. A dog – wealth (to protect the wealth).
7. A cat – comfort.
8. Mouse – well-being (ie there is food in the house).
9. Turnip – the secret wisdom, the property of the Family. The turnip in the ground is a hint of a connection with the Ancestors.

The Gigantic Turnip Repka fairy-tale monuments

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