Monument to the Snail in Moscow

Monument to the snail in Moscow on Ordynka
Monument to the snail in Moscow on Ordynka

Monument to the Snail in Moscow – the tiniest monument

In Zamoskvorechye there is an eared mollusk – Monument to the Snail, which has already been called the smallest monument in the capital.

You won’t notice it right away. A very small but cute snail is sitting on the railing of the porch of house 8 on Golikovsky Lane. Some joker called it a monument on the Google map. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but inquisitive tourists immediately rushed here …

Golikovsky lane 8, snail
Golikovsky lane 8, Snail

Indeed, both Google- and Yandex-maps already feature a funny mark: “Snail. Genre Sculpture”. In the reviews, people are at a loss as to where this gastropod made of metal came from. BUT, it appeared in the 1990s.

– Behind the door, which is located on this porch, there was an office of a construction company that was engaged in reconstruction. The director of the company ordered a grate with a snail at his own expense. The company collapsed long ago, the director died, but the snail lives on. Only the copper with which it was covered crumbled.

There hasn’t been a day lately that someone didn’t come to this porch. Some rub it and make a wish, others just take a selfie.

The Ostrovsky Museum and two churches are nearby, but there seem to be more tourists in this yard. Often our snail is included in the program of children’s quests. This is the smallest monument in Moscow.

In social networks, there is an assumption that the author of the Zamoskvoretsky art object is Yuri Gorokhov.

The snail is very tiny, about 10 centimeters. Perhaps that is why Muscovites fell in love with her.