Monument to Nogin V.P. at the Kitay-Gorod station

Monument to V.P. Nogin, Moscow
Monument to Nogin V.P., Moscow

A monument to Viktor Pavlovich Nogin is erected at the Kitay-Gorod station of the Moscow Metro, namely in its northern vestibule.

Earlier, until 1990, this station was called “Nogin Square”, which explains the presence of this bust here.

Viktor Pavlovich Nogin is known as a Russian revolutionary, Bolshevik, Soviet party leader. A special merit attributed to Nogin is considered the victory of the Bolsheviks in the 1917 revolution under his leadership. But after a short period of time, he entered into an uncompromising conflict with representatives of the party, which became the reason for his dismissal from a high position.

The monument is a bronze image of a Bolshevik on a granite pedestal with the inscription “V. P. Nogin “. From the details of clothing, one can note the characteristic double-breasted jacket with a high stand. In general, the monument looks monumental thanks to its high pedestal. The people even got the nickname “head”.

By the way, flower growers and lovers of home vegetation are in the habit of gathering near the monument. Here they exchange experiences, thematic literature and even seeds and seedlings. Here is such an unspoken glory at the “head”.