Memorial house or municipal assembly of Kolasin

House monument or municipal assembly of Kolasin 1971 1975.
House monument or municipal assembly of Kolasin 1971 1975.

Time of creation – 1971-1975

Author – Marko Music

Location – Kolasin, Montenegro

Dimensions and materials – 3.2 m² concrete building

Spomen house.
Spomen house.

What is the municipal assembly of Kolasin dedicated to?

During the Second World War, the city of Kolasin in northern Montenegro constantly passed from the hands of the rebel forces to the control of the Axis and suffered from aerial bombardment until it was finally liberated in 1943.

That year, on November 15, in the city of Kolasin, a meeting of the first Montenegrin parliament in 26 years was held, which proclaimed the independence of the liberated region, headed by the surgeon Niko Milyanich.

History of creation

In 1970, the competition, organized by local and regional authorities together with a group of veterans, won the work of the Slovenian architect Marko Mušić.

Construction began the next year and lasted for four years. The building, which Marko was helped to design by his father, the experienced Slovenian architect Marjan Mušić, is still used by the municipal administration and local political parties.

Kolasin Montenegro house monument.
Kolasin Montenegro house monument.


The memorial house, whose form is dominated by sharp concrete corners, is unique in that it simultaneously functions as both a monument and a civil building. Inside it are numerous exhibition spaces and a large hall for civic events.

The sharp triangular elements of the building are associated with the traditional sloping roofs of the surrounding houses, symbolically fitting it into the community in which it exists.

The flexible interior of the building was designed in the spirit of the Brutalist school of architecture. Movable walls between the multifunctional halls conveyed the ideology of connection and unity of the Yugoslav state.