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Memorial Pit

Memorial Pit on Melnikaite street in Minsk
Memorial Pit on Melnikaite street in Minsk

The place “saturated” with fear and suffering is a memorial to the Jews who died in the Minsk ghetto in the Second World War. The monstrous crime committed by the Nazi regime still makes humanity remember that there is no limit to the sick and cruel human fantasy. The memorial has the name “Pit” and it quite speaks for itself, because in the period from 1941 to 1945, thousands of Jews were killed at this place, whose corpses were simply dumped into a huge pit. The surviving Jews and the descendants of the victims erected a monument made of real black marble at the site of the massacre.

Memorial Pit Monument to the five thousand Jews who died on March 2, 1942

Monument to the five thousand Jews who died on March 2, 1942
Monument to the five thousand Jews who died on March 2, 1942

It should be noted that this monument is one of the very first memorials in memory of the victims of the Holocaust in the vastness of the entire Soviet Union. It has great historical value, as it “survived” the totalitarian regime of the Soviets, who were not very loyal to the surviving Jews and even more, continued to repress them. So it happened with the authors of the monument, who were persecuted. Repeatedly, the authorities of the Union intended to demolish the pedestal from the face of the earth, but it has survived to this day.

Yama memorial complex in Minsk
Memorial Pit complex in Minsk

Today this place is sacred for many Jews of the world, and even more so for those who live in the former post-Soviet space. Commemorative events are held here every year in May. Directly next to the monument is the “Alley of the Righteous”. On the trees growing along it are written the names of the righteous, who did a lot for the salvation of the Jewish people. The names of Belarusians are also immortalized here, who saved more than one human life with their deeds and deeds. Be sure to also note the “Stairway of Death”, which consists of 27 bronze sculptures.

It symbolizes people going to their death and therefore makes a strong impression. This Minsk landmark is located at the intersection of Zaslavskaya and Melnikaite streets, not far from the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War and the Hero City.

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