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Monument to Laboratory Mice

Monument to laboratory mice

Monument to laboratory mice in Novosibirsk, Russia. Sculptor Alexey Agrikolyansky

The Monument to laboratory mice for their services to science was installed in the square not far from the local Academic Institute of Cytology and Genetics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The bronze monument shows a mouse in a lab coat and glasses, knitting with needles the DNA double helix. The monument was opened on July 1, 2013, to the 120th anniversary of Novosibirsk. According to the Institute Director, Academician Nikolai Kolchanov, a monument symbolizes the gratitude of the humanity for the animal, for the use of mice to study the genes of animals, molecular and physical mechanisms of diseases, development of new drugs. Sculptor Alexey Agrikolyansky, who embodied the idea into life, admitted that to do this was not easy, because the mouse is not a human, and it was necessary create it with emotion, character, find a cross between a cartoon character and a real mouse, and keep anatomical parameters of it.
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