Statue of the Beatles in Liverpool

Statue of the Beatles in Liverpool
Statue of the Beatles in Liverpool

The Beatles Statue is a monument depicting the legendary four performers of a popular band in their hometown. The statue is located on the River Mersey, near Pier Head.

The Beatles statue was delivered to Liverpool’s waterfront in December 2015. The unveiling of the monument coincides with the 50th anniversary of the band’s last concert at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre. Author: Andrew Edwards.

The figures of people turned out to be slightly larger than life-size. In total, the sculpture weighs 1.2 tons.

In the depicted group of musicians, each is depicted with a small detail – Paul McCartney carries a camera, John Lennon has 2 acorns in his hand (which personified Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s desire for world peace, they planted acorn seeds in 1968 in Coventry Garden in England) , Ringo Starr has the number 8 printed on the sole of his boot (“8” is L8, his zip code in Liverpool), George Harrison has the inscription on the belt of his coat.

How to get there

Exact address: Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1 BY, United Kingdom
Nearest stop: Brunswick Street, buses 25.101, SVT, LFC