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Faithful Dog Monument

Faithful Dog Monument

Faithful Dog Monument in Tolyatti. Bronze. 2003. Sculptor – Oleg Klyuyev

In Tolyatti is an amazing monument of German Shepherd, not forgetting his owners after their death. Faithful Dog Monument appeared in 2003. Its sculptor – Oleg Klyuyev. The story behind monument is as follows: for seven years the German Shepherd, named by the locals Verny (Faithful), lived on the sidelines of the South highway, where his owners died in a car accident. The dog was in the car too, but miraculously survived. Since the tragedy the dog, apparently hoping to return home, in any weather all year round was waiting for them on the road. The locals called the dog “Faithful”, and the most compassionate citizens even tried to take him home, but every time he returned to his post. Several times people built a booth right beside the road, but he ignored convenience. The only thing he did not refuse to take from the people – food, that many of driving along the Southern Highway left for him. Probably, there was no man in the city, who would once have not stopped by the dog and gave him a piece of goodies.
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